Some Benefits of Roof Coatings

There are several benefits to covering your roof. From saving time and money to green alternatives, roof coatings give you everything you need and more to keep your building running efficiently

Environmental Appeal

Roof coatings help prevent overfilling of landfills with old roofing products. Instead, you can restore your existing roof by reusing existing roofing materials.

Save Time

A roof cladding application is a sustainable approach. Compare quick and easy installation methods with those of a roof renovation project.


Speaking of cost savings, roofing is also cheaper than other roofing services. Since the roof sheathing goes directly over the existing roof, the entire installation takes less time

Energy Savings

Once installed, the roof sheathing will also help minimize energy costs. Crown molding adds reflectivity to your ceiling finish.


Perhaps the biggest draw to installing roof sheathing is sustainability. These systems are renewable and can be repainted every 10+ years to extend the life of your roof. 

Easy Installation

Another benefit of installing roof sheathing is that the installation process is quick and simple. You don't even have to leave the building.

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