Some Benefits of Reflective Roof Coating

Extended Life

Having a roof cover can extend the life of your roof by 5-7 years. You'll also get extra leak protection and protection from other inclement weather or debris. Since your roof will last longer, you have time to save money for when it needs to be replaced.

Alternative Option

Reflective coatings are a good alternative to roofing which can be very expensive. Even if some leaks do occur, these small repairs can be done at the time of lining and save money. Hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof and determine if a coating can help.

Saving Money

Covering a roof spends half the money spent on renovating the roof. Roof cladding applications are non-invasive, so the building can be used throughout the entire process, without interrupting your day or work. Plus, there's no need to rip the roof off, so there are less labor costs and no removal fees.

Lower Energy Bills

Roof materials are often dark in color, and dark colors absorb heat from the sun. This makes your building warmer and you spend more on air conditioning. Get a reflective roof covering to keep the heat out and your building will stay cooler, even during the summer months.

Tax Credit

Getting reflective siding can earn you a federal tax credit, while roofing does not. Recent tax changes have allowed you to benefit from a 10% credit on the cost of your roof.

Reflective coatings are economical and environmentally friendly. As a relatively small investment, you'll get a big return on the money and time you save. You also end up with a roof that will last longer.

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