Unveiling the Power of Rubberized Silicone: A Closer Look at Our Top Silicone Roof Coatings

Unveiling the Power of Rubberized Silicone: A Closer Look at Our Top Silicone Roof Coatings

Roofing solutions have evolved over the years, giving birth to a plethora of materials each boasting unique properties and capabilities. Among the front runners in this evolution is rubberized silicone, a material that has proven to be a game changer in the roofing industry. At Tucson Rubberized Coatings, we have harnessed the power of rubberized silicone to bring you a range of products tailored to meet various roofing needs. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of rubberized silicone, spotlighting our Product No. 990 – 100% Silicone Topcoat and Product No. 910 – Flashing Sealant, and why they stand out in the market.

Delving into Rubberized Silicone

Rubberized silicone blends the elasticity and resilience of rubber with the weather resistance and flexibility of silicone. This hybrid material offers a unique combination of features making it an attractive choice for roofing applications. Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits:
  • Durability: Rubberized silicone is known for its exceptional durability. It withstands the test of time, providing a reliable and sturdy coating that protects roofs against harsh weather conditions and physical damage.
  • Water Resistance: A standout feature of rubberized silicone is its outstanding resistance to water. It’s an ideal solution for areas prone to ponding water, ensuring your roof remains protected even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Temperature Tolerance: With its ability to maintain its structural integrity across a wide temperature range, rubberized silicone is suitable for both hot and cold climates.
  • Ease of Application: Unlike some roofing materials, rubberized silicone can be easily applied, making it a cost-effective solution for both new and existing roofs.
At Tucson Rubberized Coatings, we’ve embraced the benefits of rubberized silicone, incorporating it into our product line to offer superior roofing solutions.

Spotlight on Product No. 990 – 100% Silicone Topcoat

Our Product No. 990 is a 100% Silicone Topcoat designed to provide a high-performance solution for various roofing needs. Here are some of the core benefits and applications of this product:
  • Superior Protection: This topcoat forms a seamless, watertight membrane over your roof, providing superior protection against water intrusion and UV damage.
  • Long-term Performance: With its excellent weathering capabilities, Product No. 990 ensures long-term performance, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a variety of substrates, this topcoat is a versatile solution for both residential and commercial roofing systems.
  • Cost Efficiency: By extending the lifespan of your roof and reducing maintenance costs, Product No. 990 provides a cost-effective solution for your roofing needs.
With Product No. 990, you get a robust silicone topcoat that stands up to the demands of varying weather conditions while providing a durable, protective barrier for your roof.

Exploring Product No. 910 – Flashing Sealant

Venturing further into our rubberized silicone product line, we introduce the Product No. 910 – Flashing Sealant. This product is a testament to the versatility and efficacy of rubberized silicone in addressing diverse roofing challenges. Below are some notable features and benefits of Product No. 910:
  • Robust Sealing: Designed to provide a robust seal, this flashing sealant is ideal for preventing water intrusion around flashings, vents, and other roof penetrations.
  • Highly Adhesive: The high adhesion property of Product No. 910 ensures a tight bond with various roofing materials, offering a durable solution for sealing gaps and joints.
  • Flexibility: Even under fluctuating temperature conditions, the flexibility of this sealant remains intact, providing a reliable seal that adapts to the movements of your roof.
  • Ease of Application: Its easy-to-apply nature makes Product No. 910 a preferred choice among homeowners and roofing professionals alike.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By minimizing the need for regular maintenance and repairs, this flashing sealant proves to be a cost-effective addition to your roofing system.
The remarkable features of Product No. 910 underscore the practicality and effectiveness of rubberized silicone in modern-day roofing solutions.

Comparative Analysis

The roofing market is flooded with a myriad of materials and products. However, rubberized silicone products from Tucson Rubberized Coatings, particularly Product No. 990 and Product No. 910, bring a unique blend of benefits to the table.
  • Performance in Extreme Conditions: Unlike some materials that deteriorate under harsh weather conditions, rubberized silicone retains its integrity, providing a reliable, long-term solution.
  • Water Resistance: The superior water resistance of rubberized silicone products ensures optimum protection against water damage, a common concern in roofing applications.
  • Long-term Cost Efficiency: The durability and low maintenance requirement of these products contribute to long-term cost savings.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The simple maintenance regimen of rubberized silicone products saves time and resources, making it a practical choice for modern roofing systems.


The exploration into rubberized silicone and its embodiment in our Product No. 990 and Product No. 910 paints a clear picture of the immense value it brings to roofing solutions. At Tucson Rubberized Coatings, we are committed to providing products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. We invite you to experience the unparalleled benefits of rubberized silicone by exploring our range of products.

Key Takeaway Table

Aspect Description
Durability Enhanced longevity with rubberized silicone, providing a reliable roofing solution.
Water Resistance Exceptional resistance to ponding water, ensuring optimum roof protection.
Flexibility Maintains flexibility across varying temperatures, ensuring a durable seal.
Cost-Effectiveness Long-term cost savings due to reduced maintenance and enhanced durability.