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Do you want to give your building’s roof the state-of-the-art protection it needs? If so, then our company is here to help! A modern, energy-efficient roof coating will not only keep your roof safe in all seasons, but can also help you save money in your Tucson home. When you are in search of the latest and best roofing solutions, Tucson Rubberized Coatings will be happy to match you with the product that works best for your needs. If you would like to learn more, then get in touch with us today! Our team is always ready to answer your questions. 

Premium TRC Acrylic Coatings

Do you want to protect and insulate your Tucson building? If so, then be sure to use a cool roof coating, such as an acrylic coating from Tucson Rubberized Coatings. These well-made coating products will adhere firmly to your roof’s surface. They will also stretch to adjust to changes in air pressure and outside temperature without cracking. Our acrylic coatings will stand up to the elements, including high temperatures and rainy weather. They are resistant to ordinary levels of water, and they will also help to shield your roof against mildew growth.

Our acrylic coatings are:

Enviro-Coat Roof Coating. This affordable roof coating option offers a high level of protection for your roof. It will also help you keep your HVAC costs down by reflecting heat and providing you with a cooler home. Enviro-Coat comes with a 5-year warranty.

Dura-Coat Roof Coating. This resilient white coating is designed for roofs that collect a low to moderate amount of standing water. These tough coatings will stretch as much as 300 percent in response to atmospheric changes, so they are perfect for any climate. Dura-Coat comes with a 10-year warranty.

Premium TRC Siliconized Coatings

Siliconized roof coatings from Tucson Rubberized Coatings can give you the best protection possible for your building’s roof. When you use one of these coatings, you will get a strong protective shield for your roof that will serve to protect it against cracking, water, and other common roof issues. These coatings will hold up well to the worst weather, so they are a great choice for any setting. They can also stretch further and last longer than other roof coatings!

Our siliconized coatings are:

Elasto-Coat Roof Coating. This elastomeric roof coating will provide a strong but flexible barrier between the surface of your building’s roof and any water that collects on it. This will help to protect your building from water infiltration. It is also highly UV-resistant, and it comes with an 8-year warranty.

Dura-Coat Roof Coating (Siliconized). This tough coating is made for roofs that may collect a great deal of standing water. It will adhere and last no matter where you apply it, and it will provide your roof with great performance for a long time. The siliconized version of Dura-Coat comes with a 12-year warranty.

Smart Roofing Solutions from Tucson Rubberized Coatings

Tucson Rubberized Coatings has been providing our customers with the best roofing solutions since 1992. Our team is always working to break new ground and provide the best roofing products that you’ll find anywhere. That’s why you can always count on us. When you are looking for the finest roof coatings for your Tucson home, you can feel free to visit one of our three locations in the area today! Do you have any questions? If so, then give us a call at (520) 293-3444. We can help to make sure that you always have access to the best coating products for your home. Our team is always ready to speak with you, so call us today! 

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