Roof Coating FAQs

If you’re anything like most homeowners, then you probably don’t spend a lot of time looking up at your roof. When you do take the time to look at it closely, though, what do you think you’ll see? If you haven’t taken proper care of your roof, you may find yourself looking at cracks, signs of water damage, and leaves and other debris. Over time, neglect can take a serious toll on your roof. It can even result in you needing to replace it. 

One of the most proactive steps you can take to confront these issues—and protect your roof—is to invest in a quality roof coating for your home. There are a lot of roof coatings available on the market, however, so you might not be sure where to begin looking. If you’ve never purchased a roof coating before, you probably want to know more before you start shopping. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about roof coatings.

Having a roof coating has a number of significant benefits for your property. First and foremost, roof coatings help to extend the life of your roof. While most roofs are built to last, having a coating will help to preserve your roof and reduce the likelihood that you will find yourself needing to restore or replace it. Making that investment now can help to spare you from a much more extensive investment later.

What can a coating protect my roof from?

Your roof can be damaged by any number of things, including UV sunlight, moisture, mold, nesting insects, and long-term exposure to rain and wind. Even a well-built roof will eventually begin to show its age. A coating can effectively protect your roof from many common forms of damage. Thus, it will help ensure that your roof continues to serve you and your home for many years to come.

How do I know if my roof can be coated?

In fact, nearly any type of roof can receive a coating. However, not all coatings are suitable for every type of roof. Before buying a coating, talk to a roofing contractor about which coating would be best for your particular home.

Should I only coat an older roof?

You might assume that a brand-new roof doesn’t need to be coated. In fact, it is actually best to coat your roof as soon as possible, so you can be sure to preserve it when it’s as damage-free as possible. If your main concern is with energy savings, you can add a roof coating at any point and enjoy the benefits instantly.

How long does a roof coating usually last?

The answer will differ depending on the type of coating that you buy and the condition of your roof. In most cases, though, you can expect your coating to last for at least a decade. Be sure to ask your roofing contractor to provide you with as much information as possible about how you can properly care for your coating.

Can roof coatings affect the value of my home?

Surprising as it may sound, the answer is yes. By protecting your roof from damage and keeping it strong and sturdy, a roof coating can also help to protect the value of your home from declining. Having a solid coating in place is a great selling point if you are thinking of putting your home on the market at any point in the near future. If you’re interested in keeping your home’s value high, a roof coating is a smart investment.

Do roof coatings affect my home’s energy efficiency?

Roof coatings will lower the amount of heat that your building absorbs. Thus, they relieve you of the need to constantly run your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable. As such, having a roof coating can help you lower your carbon footprint and make your household more eco-friendly. If you are concerned about how your level of energy usage is affecting the environment, then you may want to think about purchasing a reflective coating for your roof.

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