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In fact, Tucson Rubberized Coatings does offer warranties on many of the products that we offer to our customers. As a result, you can always count on them to perform well and last for a long time. We also work to make sure that our customers are always satisfied with our work. Hence, you will never have to worry about whether our products will serve you well.

Finally, we strive to uphold the highest standards of quality and service whenever we work with any of our clients. That’s our pledge to you! We want to make sure you will always have a place to turn when you are in need of coating products. That’s why our customers know they can count on us, every time. If you’re ready to get started, then give us a call today!

Product No. 7000

Perma-Coat Roof Coating

Product No. 302

Enviro-Coat Roof Coating

Product No. 353

Elasto-Coat Roof Coating -- topcoat

Product No. 3000

Flexa-Coat Roof Coating

Product No. 600-T

Tuff-Tex Rubberized Synthetic Stucco

Product No. 700

Ultimate RV Roof Coating

Product No. 6000-S

Dura-Coat Roof Coating -- siliconized topcoat

Product No. 6000

Dura-Coat Roof Coating -- acrylic topcoat


Warranties only cover roofs that have the full Roofing System of primer, fabric, and top coat in the required Tucson Rubberized Coatings Installment Guidelines. Tucson Rubberized Coatings is unable to provided warranties for any roofs that do not have the full Roofing System application.

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