• Manufactured to adhere to common RV roofs including EPDM and TPO
  • Ultra white that remains whiter than any coating in its class
  • Maximum adhesion, strength, and elasticity to resist cracking and peeling
  • Maximum bleed block technology with no yellowing or staining over all tested substrates
  • (5-Year Warranty)*


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DESCRIPTION. Ultimate RV Roof Coating from Tucson Rubberized Coatings is an ultra-white 100% acrylic elastomeric roof coating. This premium grade coating is designed for maximum protection against sun and weather. Its bright  finish enables it to reject the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays. This product forms a thick, rubber-like shield that expands and contracts over 400% to prevent roof damage. It resists cracking, peeling, and mildew while offering unbeatable weatherproof protection and excellent resistance to lifting under ponding water conditions.

USES. Ultimate RV Roof Coating can be used over mineral surface roofing, aged aluminum, tar, asphalt, or hot-applied built-up roofing after application of PRODUCT NO. 210 emulsion. All large cracks and seams should be reinforced with woven polyester fabric embedded into PRODUCT NO. 210. (on EPDM or TPO roofs, embed membrane over any large crack or seams into PRODUCT NO. 700). This product can be directly applied over most previously white-coated sound roof surfaces. PRODUCT NO. 700 is highly recommended for EPDM or TPO roofs or areas subject to unusually severe moisture conditions such as valleys, around roof drains, low spots or in any area where water is expected to be trapped on a roof.

SURFACE PREPARATION. All surfaces must be dry and free of dust, oil, loose granules, gravel or peeling paint and all other foreign matter. Rusty metal must be cleaned with a wire brush and primed with PRODUCT NO. 101 Asphalt primer prior to application of PRODUCT NO. 210 emulsion and PRODUCT NO. 700 Ultimate RV Roof Coating. Polyurethane Foam Roofs: Must be dry and clean of debris before application. Pressure washing surfaces is recommended in order to ensure the best results. Surfaces with any mildew growth or stains should be cleaned with a bleach solution (2 parts water to one part bleach) prior to applying this product. Be certain all surfaces are thoroughly rinsed and dry prior to coating application.

APPLICATION: Material should be stirred in the container and applied by a soft bristle brush or broom, a long nap roller or suitable spray equipment (minimum working pressure of 3000 PSI for airless sprayer). Coverage rates will vary depending on porosity of surface as well as roof pitch. Recommended application is two coats applied at right angles to previous coat by brush, roller or spray for maximum reflectivity, durability and life cycles. First coat must dry before second coat is applied.

During application, keep tools clean and free from coating build up by rinsing frequently with water. Adequate protection for most surfaces is obtained by the use of two gallons of Ultimate Ultimate RV Roof Coating per 100 sq. ft. applied in two coats. Allow 24 to 72 hours depending on weather conditions and applications rate of curing prior to application of second coat. Do not apply unless temperature is 55°F and rising. Do not apply when rain or frost is forecast within 24 hours after application. Conditions of high humidity will prevent curing in the usual four hours. Avoid heavy foot traffic.


CLEAN-UP. Clean brushes, tools and other equipment with soapy water immediately after use. However, dried film may require paint remover.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
Weight per Gallon

11.4 lbs

Solids by Weight*


Drying Time (50% Relative Humidity & 70°F)

Touch/2.5 hrs – Firm/5 hrs minimum



Wet Film



< 150 grams/liter



Tensile Strength

400 PSI


120 KU


Percentages stated are + or – 5%

Approx. Shipping Weights:

(All approximate weights include container)
1 gallon 12 lbs




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