• A premium quality elastomeric patching compound
  • Combines acrylic polymers with a high solid content with polyester fibers
  • Can be used as a patching compound for filling voids and for filling gaps in parapet walls, sealing around penetrations, or for sealing drains and scuppers

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DESCRIPTION. PRODUCT NO. 501-W-P is a premium quality elastomeric white patching compound designed for use in the construction of professional roof flashings. This material is a blend of Acrylic polymers as well as a high solid content.

USES. This product can be used as a patching compound or flashing cement for filling voids as well as gaps in parapet walls. The product is also used with polyester membrane to seal around penetrations, drains, or scuppers. In fact, this product is the ideal patching compound for polyurethane foam roofs and skylights.

SURFACE PREPARATION. All surfaces to receive this product must be scrubbed clean so that they are free of oil, grease, rust, scale, loose paint and dirt.

APPLICATION. PRODUCT NO. 501-W-P should be applied with a stiff brush at a thickness of 1/16″ to 1/8″ in conjunction with a polyester membrane for reinforcement. Apply the product liberally in joint areas, seams or cracks. Work material to be a feather edge to allow for surface drainage. While this product is white, it is also recommended that it be coated by one of Tucson Rubberized Coatings’ top coatings to protect the patch from the UV rays. Allow 24 hours before coating over the product. 

CLEAN-UP. Finally, clean all equipment with soap and water immediately after use with soap.

Additional information

Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 in
Weight per Gallon

13.0 lbs

Solids by Weight*


Drying Time (50% Relative Humidity & 70°F)

Touch/6 hrs




< 150 grams/liter


130 KU


Percentages stated are + or – 5%

Approx. Shipping Weights:

(All approximate weights include container)
5 gallons 67 lbs.




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