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  • A Silicone modified elastomeric roof coating
  • Creates a barrier between standing water and the roof surface
  • Maintains high UV reflectivity which can decrease energy usage
  • (8-Year Warranty)*

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DESCRIPTION. Siliconized Elasto-Coat Roof Coating is a 100% acrylic polymer elastomeric roof emulsion. A premium coating designed for maximum protection against sun and weather. The reflective value of this topcoat product helps to reduce interior temperature. It also protects the roof and roofing membrane by reducing heat absorption, asphalt oxidation and rapid thermal dimensional changes. Finally, it decreases the chance of excessive loads placed on cooling equipment.

USES. Siliconized Elasto-Coat Roof Coating is a premium topcoat product formulated to have exceptional adhesion and durability over polyurethane foam roof surfaces. It is used to provide a durable, water resistant, decorative and energy-saving finish for foam roofs, as well as most other sound roof surfaces. Siliconized Elasto-Coat Roof Coating may be used over degreased or weathered concrete, cured cold applied asphalt coatings, smooth surface roofings, most prepared mineral surfaced roofings, and hot- mopped built-up roofing. You can use this topcoat product over most previously white-coated sound roof surfaces.

SURFACE PREPARATION. A clean surface is absolutely essential for proper adhesion of this topcoat. If you want to make sure that your surface stays clean, then follow these instructions: 

(1) Previously coated surfaces: All dirt and unsound accumulations must be removed. Use TSP to remove any mildew or algae which may be present. Rinse with water. Where necessary, use brooming and high pressure water hosing to clean the base surface. Allow water to completely dry before proceeding. Roof substrate must drain within 48 hours.

(2) Built-up Roofing: Must be 6 months or older. Clean and prime first with 1 gallon per 100 square feet of PRODUCT NO. 210, before application of finished white surfacing.

(3) Granule Surface: Must be clean, sound surface with no loose or foreign material.

(4) Rusty metal must be cleaned with a wire brush and primed with PRODUCT NO. 101 Asphalt primer prior to application of PRODUCT NO. 210 emulsion and PRODUCT NO. 353 Elasto-Coat Roof Coating. All fasteners must be tightly secured or replaced and encapsulated with PRODUCT NO. 501-W Patching Compound. All roof seams and flashings must be covered with PRODUCT NO. 501-W Patching Compound and membrane reinforcement.

(5) Polyurethane Foam Roofs: Prime surface with PRODUCT NO. 295 surface conditioner prior to application of PRODUCT NO. 353.

APPLICATION. Stir in container until the product is uniform in color and consistency.

For Brushing: Use a soft nylon bristle broom or brush and apply with long even strokes. Avoid over-brushing, and do not attempt to retouch while film is drying. Finally, wait until cured before applying the second coat.

For Roller: Use medium to long nap for textured or rough surfaces.

For Spray: Use airless spray system with a minimum working pressure of 3000 PSI.

Coverage rates will vary depending on porosity of surface as well as roof pitch. One coat can suffice. However, two coats will help to ensure maximum reflectivity, durability and life cycles. Apply two coats at right angles to the previous coat using a brush, roller or spray. Let the first coat dry before you apply a second coat.

During application, keep tools clean and free from coating build up by rinsing frequently with water. Do not apply over uncured cold applied asphalt coating, wooden shingles, shakes, flood coats of hot melt asphalt or coal tar, or bare or rusted steel. Asphalt must be dull, not glossy. Do not apply unless temperature is 50°F and rising. Do not apply if rain or frost has been forecast within 24 hours after application. Conditions of high humidity will prevent curing in the usual four hours. Avoid heavy foot traffic.

RECOMMENDED COVERAGE RATES. (1) Mineral Surfaced Roll Roofing – 3 gal/ 100 sq. ft.; (2) Metal Roofing – 1 to 2 gal/100 sq. ft.; (3) Concrete Tile or Smooth Roll Roofing – 1.5 to 2 gal/100 sq. ft.


CLEAN-UP. Clean brushes, tools and other equipment with soapy water immediately after use. However, dried film may require paint remover.

Additional information

Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 16 in
Weight per Gallon

13.0 lbs

Solids by Weight*


Drying Time (50% Relative Humidity & 70°F)

Touch/2 hrs – Firm/4 hrs



Wet Film



< 150 grams/liter



Tensile Strength

350 PSI


110 KU


Percentages stated are + or – 5%

Approx. Shipping Weights:

(All approximate weights include container)
5 gallons 58 lbs.




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