Emulsions & Primers

Benefits of a Primers:

  • Helps cover imperfections, like spots or repairs of your wall areas.
  • Blocks and hides stains, preventing them from bleeding through your new finish.
  • Provides improved adhesion. 
  • Allows smooth application of paint and reduces the number of coats applied.
  • Neutralizes the surface color, highlighting the true, brightest color of the paint.
  • Protects the surface from moisture, fading, and other damage.

There are many different types of primers, and each has its own benefits. Some primers are designed to be used before varnish, others after. Some primers can be used with latex paints while others can only be used with oil-based paints. The best primer for your project depends on the type of paint you are using and the conditions in which the paint will be used.

Check out our collection of Emulsions & Primers for your painting project. 

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