Unveil the Protection of Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco for Your Walls

Unveil the Protection of Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco for Your Walls

Stucco has been a quintessential material in the construction realm, bestowing an aesthetic appeal and durable finish to structures. Its timeless charm and robustness have made it a favorite among homeowners and architects alike. However, as with many traditional materials, innovation has paved the way for enhanced versions, embracing modern-day needs. One such innovation in the world of wall coatings is rubberized stucco. And, when it comes to color customization coupled with protection, Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco from Tucson Rubberized Coatings leads the way.

Traditional Stucco vs. Rubberized Stucco

The journey from traditional to rubberized stucco signifies a step towards more resilient and adaptable wall coatings. Traditional stucco, known for its hardy texture and classic look, has served buildings well for centuries. However, the modern-day demands for more flexible, energy-efficient, and customizable solutions have given rise to rubberized stucco. Rubberized stucco, as the name suggests, incorporates rubber, providing a thick textured shield that not only stands robust against cracking and chipping but also offers an enhanced level of insulation. Unlike its traditional counterpart, rubberized stucco embraces modern-day aesthetics with the ability to match a myriad of color preferences, making it a versatile choice for today’s homes and commercial spaces. The market offers a variety of stucco solutions, each with its unique set of properties and benefits. Exploring the different types of stucco unveils a realm of possibilities for both restoration projects and new constructions.

Features of Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco

Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco, available at Tucson Rubberized Coatings, is a testament to how modern-day innovations can transform traditional materials into more adaptable and aesthetic solutions. One of the standout features of Product 600-T is its ability to create a thick textured rubber-like shield of protection on walls. This shield not only defends against common issues like cracking and chipping but also provides an added layer of insulation, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment irrespective of the outdoor weather conditions. But what truly sets Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco apart is its color customization feature. While the product comes in a white base, it can be tinted to a variety of colors as per the customer’s preference. This feature allows homeowners and business owners to choose a color that complements the architectural aesthetics of the building while enjoying the robust protection rubberized stucco provides.


The versatility of Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco extends beyond its aesthetic appeal to its broad range of applications. This product is excellent for use as a complete interior or exterior wall finish, providing a seamless look coupled with enduring protection. Whether it’s revamping an old wall or giving a fresh, durable coat to a new construction, Product 600-T is up to the task. The color customization aspect further broadens its application spectrum. The ability to match the color of the stucco to the existing aesthetics or a new color scheme makes it a go-to choice for both renovation and new construction projects. Explore the vibrant color options and discover how Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco can beautify virtually any surface including existing stucco, masonry, block, brick, metal, plywood, OSB, or wood siding.

How to Apply Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco

Applying Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco is a straightforward process, ensuring a hassle-free application for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying this innovative wall coating:
  1. Surface Preparation:
    • Ensure the surface is dry and free of dust, oil, loose granules, or peeling paint.
    • Utilize wire brushing, sanding, or power washing to prepare the surface.
    • Fill any cracks, joints, or uneven surfaces with Product No. 501-W-P Patching Compound for a smoother finish.
  2. Application:
    • Power mix the product to an even mixture.
    • Apply to the surface using a stiff brush, roller, trowel, or hopper gun, depending on the desired finish.
    • Keep the brush or roller moist for easy application.
    • Apply Product 600-T at a rate of 5-8 gallons per 100 sq. ft., depending on the desired thickness and finish.
For a visual guide on similar application techniques, check out the How to Coat a Roof section on our website. The techniques showcased can provide a clearer understanding of the application process for Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco.

Maintenance and Safety

Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco not only transforms the appearance of your walls but also makes maintenance a breeze. Its durable coating minimizes the need for frequent touch-ups, saving time and resources in the long run. Cleaning is straightforward – a simple wash with soapy water will keep the stucco looking fresh and vibrant. Safety is paramount when dealing with construction materials. We provide a detailed Material Safety Data Sheet for Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco, ensuring you have all the necessary information for safe handling and application.


Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco is a fusion of tradition and modernity, bringing forth a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and customizable solution for wall coatings. Whether you are looking to revamp your home or embark on a new construction project, the vibrant color options and robust protection of Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco are worth considering. Explore the product and step into a world of colorful protection for your walls.

Key Takeaway Table

Feature Description
Durability Resists cracking and chipping
Insulation Provides added insulation to walls
Adhesion Adheres to any primed surface
Color Customization Available in a variety of colors
Application Can be applied internally or externally
Maintenance Easy to maintain and repair
Unleashing the potential of Product 600-T Rubberized Stucco is about embracing a colorful, durable, and aesthetically appealing solution for your walls. It’s more than just a coating; it’s a shield of protection with a splash of color.