Caring for a Roof During Monsoon Season

Every summer, thunderstorms sweep through the Southwest, pummeling the desert with heavy rains. If you are a Tucson resident, then you probably already know about monsoon season. You may also know that the monsoons can wreak havoc across the entire city, knocking down telephone poles, cracking trees in two, and even causing quiet residential streets to flood. While you might be tempted to think that you can escape those hazards by staying inside during the storms, monsoons can affect you much closer to home than you might assume. You guessed it—monsoon season is also prime season for roof damage.

While it’s important to take good care of your roof all year long, it is especially critical to look out for its well-being when you are facing the prospect of torrential rains. Fortunately, it’s possible to weather monsoon season without facing an expensive repair bill for your home’s roof. Here are some tips for caring for your roof during the rainy season.

When was the last time you took a close look at your roof’s tiles? If you are anything like most homeowners, you probably don’t pay much attention to the specifics of your roof. If there are any damaged shingles or tiles on your rooftop, however, it can make your roof more vulnerable to serious damage during monsoon season. A single broken tile can be the door that lets in a trickle that becomes a leak. That means that it’s a smart idea to invest in roof repair before the first rains of the season. If you notice shingle or tile damage once monsoon season is already underway, don’t wait to have the issue repaired—otherwise, you could soon find yourself facing even more problems. When your roof is strong and sturdy, it will be less likely to succumb to leaks.

Have your roof recoated.

Recoating is one of the best ways to keep your roof safe from the hazards of monsoon season. Rubberized roofing will help you keep your roof protected in the long term, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it or investing in extensive repairs any time soon. As a bonus, there are coatings that will reflect sunlight, preventing the sun’s heat from being absorbed into your home. This makes it easier to keep your home at the right temperature, and thus helps you conserve energy in your household. In other words, recoating your roof is an investment that will repay its own value many times over in the form of improved utility savings and fewer repairs.

Look for roof leaks after storms.

Every time a storm sweeps through your neighborhood, be sure to look around your home for signs of leaks. Focus on the ceiling and upper walls, where the signs of a roof leak will be most apparent. If you spot a leak in the making, then call a roofing pro to have it repaired right away. During monsoon season, one storm tends to follow on the heels of another. This means that there is the potential for a small leak to turn into a big one. Ignoring any leak could result in more damage in your home, including water damage to your property. Fortunately, you can head off that concern by being alert to leaks.

Call for a roof inspection.

If you are concerned about your roof’s condition, then your first step should be to call a pro. There is no substitute for a professional eye when it comes to evaluating it. Not only will an inspection from a roofer help to ensure that your roof stays well-protected throughout monsoon season, but it will also alert you to any potential trouble. If you have already sustained minor damage to your roof, then you can have it fixed now in order to avoid more serious damage in the future. You might assume that you can do this inspection yourself, of course. However, remember that not all forms of roof damage are visible to the untrained eye. It requires a lot of experience to know what the warning signs of a damaged roof are. That’s why an inspection by a roofing pro is so crucial. 

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