Emulsions and Primer

Product No. 210 Elastomeric Emulsion

Product No. 210 is an insulating and waterproofing undercoating. It is especially recommended as an undercoating in all areas subject to unusually severe moisture conditions such as in valleys, around roof drains or low areas.

$60.00/ 5 Gal.

Product 210 Specification Sheet

Description: Elastomeric Emulsion Roof Coating is an insulating and waterproofing undercoating used as the base coating for White Elastomeric Roof Coating. This product, which is black in color, promotes proper adhesion to the substrate. This coating forms a thick, crack resistant shield that resists peeling and cracking. This coating is used for priming and reinforcing any substrate that may need it prior to applying the White Elastomeric Acrylic Roof Coating. These products when used together form a thick, rubber shield that expands and contracts over 300% to prevent roof damage. It resists cracking, peeling and mildew, while offering unbeatable waterproof protection and long-term life. Can Be Used On: • Cement Tile (Flat Or Barrel) • Metal Roofs (aged Galvanized) • Mobile Home Roofs • Bonded Gravel Roofs • Aged Roofs previously coated with asphalt, aluminum or tar • Built-up Roofs • Asphalt Shingle Roofs • Vertical Surfaces as Protective Waterproofer
Uses: Elastomeric Emulsion is especially recommended as a roof coating in all areas subject to unusually severe moisture conditions such as in valleys, around roof drains, low spots, or in any area where water is expected to be trapped on a roof. Because of its toughness and abrasive resistance it can be used as the final coating in Cold Process Roof Specifications, particularly on low slope roofs. It can be used to replace regular asphalt emulsion coating on any application including concrete and masonry exterior walls, either above or below grade and over most metals for rust and corrosion protection.
Surface Preparation: Surfaces to be coated must be cleaned thoroughly of all scales, loose mortar, rust, dirt, oil, grease and all foreign matter using a wire brush, sand blast or other materials in keeping with good practice. Dusty or porous masonry should be primed using the product at a 10% dilution rate with water and allowed to dry thoroughly before coating with emulsion. Likewise, old roofs and all metal should be primed prior to coating.
Application: Material should be stirred in the container and applied by soft bristle brush, long nap roller or suitable spray equipment. Adequate protection for most surfaces is obtained by the use of not less than 2-6 gallons of Elastomeric Emulsion Roof Coating per 100 sq. ft. of surface area. For spraying, use a heavy duty airless spray unit (tip size approximately 60 thousandths of an inch), follow manufacturer’s recommendations for spraying Elastomeric Emulsions. All Elastomeric Emulsion Coating’s “set” by dehydration. The rate of drying is dependent upon the thickness of application, temperature, humidity, and rate of air movement. Product should not be applied when raining or when rain or frost forecast within 24 hours. Apply only when temperature is 45 degrees F and rising.
Clean-Up: All equipment can be cleaned immediately after use with soap and water. Dried material can be cleaned with mineral spirits or biodegradable terpene solvent.
Typical Physical Properties: Total Solids: 45-50%; WT/Gal.: 9lbs.; Firm Flexibility: Good; Consistency: Brush, Spray or Squeegee; Coverage: Approx. 2-6gal/100 sq. ft. per coat; Weatherability: Excellent; Drying Time: 1/16″ wet film (normal conditions) Touch: 5 hours, Firm: 12 hours; Flammability, Wet: Non-Flammable, Dry: After exposure to Bunsen flame for 3 minutes the film will show self extinguishing properties in less than one minute. Film will char in place. VOC: <50 grams/liter;
Coating should be applied under normal environment conditions without thinning.)
Shipping Weights: 5 gal. Pail, 48 lbs. (each)

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Product No. 202 Asphalt Emulsion

Product No. 202 is an asphalt emulsion used as a waterproofing undercoating. It is especially recommended as an undercoating for complete roofing systems directly over plywood or shingles.

$32/ 5 Gal.

Product No. 295 Surface Conditioner & Primer

Product No. 295 is a penetrating sealer designed to provide a firm surface for application of latex roof or wall coatings. Especially recommended for priming over surfaces coated with low-cohesion-factor products such as aluminum roof coatings, exposed polyurethane foam roofs, or any badly oxidized roof or exterior walls.

$64.99/ 5 Gal.

Product 295 Specification Sheet

Surface Conditioner & Primer

Uses: Product No. 295 is a penetrating sealer designed to provide a firm surface prior to application of latex roof or wall coatings. Product # 295 is specially recommended for priming over surfaces coated with low cohesion factor products such as Aluminum roof coatings, exposed Polyurethane foam roofs or any badly oxidized areas of roof or exterior walls.

Surface Preparation: Repair all cracks and structural defects which allow the entrance of moisture or promote moisture damage. Surface must be clean, dry, and free from dirt, mildew, oil, grease, flaking, peeling and scaling. Efflorescence should be removed by scrapping or pressure washing. Scrubbing the surface with T.S.P. and completely rinsing off with water is highly recommended.

Application: Stir thoroughly and apply uniformly by roller, brush or airless spray at a rate of one gallon per 150 to 200 square feet. Do no apply this product if rain or frost is forecasted in 24 hours.

Drying Time: dry in 2 to 12 hours depending on temperature and relative humidity.

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