Re-Coating your Roof

  1. Wash surface with T.S.P and remove any loose material or peeling material.
  2. Apply Tietex polyester membrane over all large cracks, joints and seams.
  3. Waterproof any porous or untreated surface with Product No. 210 Emulsion or Product number 295. Apply the product with a roller, brush or suitable commercial spray equipment. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. Fill any large cracks or voids with Product No. 501 – Elasto White Patching Compound. Apply the product by brush or trowel. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. Apply two coats of Rubberized Roof Coating. Stir in container until uniform in color and consistency. For Brushing: Use a soft nylon bristle broom or brush and apply with long even strokes. Avoid over-brushing. Do not attempt to retouch while film is drying. Wait until cured before applying 2nd coat. For Roller: Medium to long nap for textured or rough surfaces. For Spray: Airless spray system with a minimum working pressure of 3000 PSI. Coverage rates will vary depending on porosity of surface as well as roof pitch. Two coats are recommended for maximum reflectivity, durability and life cycles.




Recommended Products:

  • Sloped Roofs with proper drainage: Any of our Reflective White Roof Coatings
  • Flat Roofs with no or little standing water: Product No. 305, No. 310, or No. 6000
  • Flat Roofs with moderate standing water (up to 1/2″) Product No. 6000
  • Flat Roofs with severe standing water (1/2″ or more) Fill low spots with Product No. 550 Puddle Filler, allow for proper curing time, and then cover area with Complete Roofing System