Tucson Complete Roofing System

  1. Clean and prepare all surfaces to be coated, on open ceiling areas cover the floors with tarp. Stir up all liquid products thoroughly. Read and follow product information and application instruction on labels prior to any installation.
  2. Application over plywood or O.S.B. (wafer board): Prime the surfaces with Product No. 100 (oil base primer) and allow to cure. Embed one layer of 6’’ roofing membrane (polyester or fiberglass) on all seams of the boards including the metal drip edging into an emulsion (Product No. 210 Elastomeric Emulsion). Embed 36’’ roofing membrane into an emulsion on the entire area of the roof. On the above application the roofing membrane must be covered thoroughly under and over with emulsion (usually 5 to 8 gallons per hundred sq. ft.). Allow curing for 1 to 10 days (depending on relative humidity and temperature) apply two coats of reflective roof coating (Product No. 302, No. 305, No. 310, or  No. 6000, in white or any special color) or one coat of No. 300 or #301 regular or triple duty Aluminum roof coating.
  3. Application over built-up, rolled roofing, metal or shingle roofs: Embed 36’’ roofing membrane into emulsion on entire roof surface and coat with reflective roof coating as mentioned above.
  4. Application over gravel roof: Sweep and clean all loose gravel prime with Product No. 101 (restaurant asphalt primer) and embed 36’’ roofing membrane into emulsion and coat with reflective roof coating as mentioned above.
  5. Application over urethane foam: Prime with Product No. 295 (surface bonder). Embed 36’’ roofing membrane into product Product No. 305 (pure white) at rate of approximately 3 to 5 gallons per 100 sq. ft. and allow to cure 24 to 72 hours. Apply one more coat of Product No. 305 over the entire roof surface.

Note: Read and follow product data sheets accompanied with invoice on each and every product used. For further information, please call any of our locations.